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The Naked Stars
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Strthmore Colony
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The Naked Stars

Greetings my Warrior Brethren
Qaw'Hoch sutai-Let.
" The First Keeper of the Warrior Flame "

For those of you too young to know me personally, my Klingon history goes back same 30 years. During my first assignment for the Empire, I had the honor to fight ( albeit briefly, due to Romulan cowardice) at the battle of Khitomer and served for many years aboard the Imperial Klingon Battlecruiser lotlhwl' as science and medical officer and eventually as that ships executive officer.

It was during my tenure aboard the lotlhwl' that I had the honor to be part of the personal bodyguard to Chancellor Gowron during one of his visits to this quadrant, as well as part of the honorguard for Commander Worf, when he likewise paid a visit to this quadrant several years ago. I have lived through many bloody battles and have achieved much honor and glory for my ship, myself and the Empire.

The highest honor I have yet received, however, was my appointment as First Keeper of the Warrior Flame. As First Keeper, it is both my honor and my duty to keep alive the history and culture of the Klingon share our proud warrior heritage with both Klingon and alien cultures, that all may know who we are, where we came from and why we go where we must. To this end, I have established a history and culture research station and periodically publish a newsletter called The Naked Stars, which detail my findings and is basically a Khronicla of Klingon History and Kulture, although it also deals with other things of interest that occur in the Star Trek universe.

Although I have been out of touch with many of my Warrior Brethern for some time.....due to an extended assignment in and around The Triangle, I am glad to be back and look forward to renewed contact with the Mighty Klingon Warriors of this quadrant.


The Naked Stars

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