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A Klingon Recipe
by Chef Ron

Klingon Suprise
(tlhIngan mer) is made by simply layering a roasting pan with cooked, defatted ground beef, white rice, fried onions, stewed tomatoes, and copius amounts of American cheese. Bake it at 350 degrees until all the cheese is melted and starts to spot brown on the top. That is starts to spot, not thouroughly browned! You will find this dish both nourishing and delicious and it can be served hot or cold. The recipe was developed back in 1917 and my family is the only one that I have ever known serve it. It should serve the Klingons well... I am honored to be Strathmore Colony's Chef and linking with my site...Keep on listening to my Cooking program on KTIP...Live long and prosper. Chef Ron

Strthmore Colony
A Klingon Outpost
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FIRST REPORT from - Lady K'kor

This Archaeological Dig at Site B is located on a small island south of the northern continent.

The land masses are much larger on Strathmore Colony than on Qo'noS, so even this island is large by the standards we are used to as Klingons.
The site is on the center of this island and are quite large. Our team, of family only, archaeologist has been at the site for some time and think that these ruins are a temple city like the ones on the northern edge of the northern continent.
Those ruins are also a seaport, but this site is different in that a large part of it is built inside of what must have been a volcanic crater and built to blend with the suroundings.
If it had not been for the mapping survey we have been doing recently and the fact that the buildings are starting to collapse, it might not have been found for a very long time.
The collapsing buildings made sharp angles which drew the attention of our surveyors.
Team leader, jd suQ owj, thinks that large portions of the structures are built within the side of the caldera.
Due to the age and fragile state of most of the exposed structures it may be sometime before we know the extent of subterranean portions of this site.
No artifacts have been found to date.
I receive updates each week and will keep you posted.

Report to the Governor
From Lady K'kor

The team has excavated an area on the northwest edge of the site where one of the buildings abuts the side of the crater. Here the wall has collapsed exposing the inside of the building. Work has been slow due to the fragile state of the walls and ceilngs but the team has braced it and have proceeded to enter the area built within the crater. These areas are in surprisingly good condition. There are a maze of corridors with many rooms along them. These rooms have yielded many artifacts, including furnishings and personal belongings of those who lived here. The curious thing is that many of these items seem to be klingon in nature.

At first the team thought that these items where from a previous colony that had been unreported or a rebel family who had set up an operation, this is after all the triangle, but after these items had been dated the mystery grew even deeper. These items where revealed to be at least 1500 Dis old, made new in the time of Kahless, before the Empire developed space travel. How could these artifacts be here? Why are these artifacts here?

I have seen these artifacts my Lord, and they should not be here! There is much confusion here. I have closed this site to all but those we trust. I return to you soon.


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