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Strthmore Colony
Additional Reports Page 4
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Report to the Governor

As you know, I have turned the site over to Aminn vesti-Kabdulh upon his arrival and have been extremely busy with the business of the colony. I received a communication from him to come to the site as quickly as possible. He and his teem with jd suQ owj as his second with his team have made several discoveries of much importance.

The first is of a huge genetics laboratory. It has been dated from the same period as the rest of the site. Much of the equipment was recognizable to our genetics expert but some of it is beyond anything known to us. This opens up some very uneasy speculation about each of the species found here including us.

The second is a map of this planet at the time of this place. There is another city on an island well off the western coast of the northern continent. We now have Site C. Aminn is eager to start there. The site is very isolated from the main continents and will require extra staff just to maintain and supply those doing the actual excavation. I think we should complete Site B before moving on to a new site. We are stretched very far with Security at this time. If you think that this site should be excavated, then I propose we close Site Aon the northern continent, seal it with a force field and transfer all to Site B. Aminn and his team could then be moved to the new site. Aminn insist that he should be permitted to open this site.

Your judgement is required in this matter


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