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Strthmore Colony
Additional Reports Page 3
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Report to the Governor

I have no explanation for what I am about to report. The artifacts are indeed from the time of Kahless. From historical accounts, they may have belonged to Kahless himself. Artifacts from other rooms come from other periods of Klingon history. Not only Klingon artifacts have been found but from beings of many species and many periods of history. It is as if they were lifted out of their worlds and times, then brought to this place.

All of the artifacts show the same rate of decay. No remains of any of the beings have been found. There are a maze of corridors here with hundreds of rooms located off each of these corridors and each room hosted a being. The size of this site is much larger than we first anticipated and the mystery surrounding it is above the skills of our archaeologist.

I have sent a private secured message to Aminn vesti-Kabdulh and requested him to come and verify the site and the find. For now, I have closed the entire site and placed trusted guards there. No one can enter unless accompanied by you or me. I will be returning to you as soon as the guards are in place and supplies for them have been arranged. I will also check on the new farm on the Northern Continent, the progress of the new farm site and see to the problems reported at the Collection Center.

Qapla' with you negotiations with the Romulan.

Do not trust them too far, my Lord.


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