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"Only Authorized
Klingons Are
Permitted On
The Surface
Of The Planet."

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You have made it through the space mines and have arrived at the Spaceport on the moon of Strathmore Colony! The Spaceport has all the amenities a Klingon warrior could want, but it may be a bit sparse for other species. Feel free to look around. Go to the Depot to buy, sell or trade with others who are visiting here. Check out our links or webring to other Klingons and friends of House K'kor. Go to the tavern, drink bloodwine and talk with other warriors who visit here. If you have a question, use the com link and Lady K'kor will answer your question as soon as, she is free to do so. Remember this is an agricultural planet and we have much work to do. Don't forget to visit with our Federation visitors to the spaceport. The U.S.S. Peacekeeper and our sister ship the IKV Sons of Honor,

Duj tlvoqtaH