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Strthmore Colony
The Governor's Statement
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Strathmore Colony was approched by Senator Kar T'anbae Shurion t'Stmy of the new Colonial Space Station, TacAgenKas DinArim. Negotiations with myself and Lady K'kor, representatives of the Klingon Civilian Group and the Federation Region 4, worked out a treaty of mutual cooperation.

On Stardate 9807.18, representatives of this Colony took residence on the Space Station. We were followed by the Klingon Civilian Group on 9807.25. The Federation representatives had previously taken residence on 9805.15.

On 9808.01 formal ratification and signing of that Treaty occured. Lady K'kor and I were present and did sign for Strathmore Colony.

We have taken this extaordinary step of allying our House with two non-Klingon Governments to insure the survival of House K'kor due our precarious position within The High Council. We do not accept discommendation as the Council is being mislead by the Traitor. We will continue with our investigation in that, but we must be able to continue to operate to do so.

It is my order that all members of this House will HONOR this treaty! Any member who wishes to dispute this is invited to meet me for combat. It is best remembered that I am a Dahar Master and I have missed combat. Even holo practice does not replace the joy of combat.

The full treaty is available for those who would know it's provisions.


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