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Strthmore Colony
The Governor's Statement
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The U.S.S. Sierra has departed on a secret mission within the "triangle". Before leaving they transferred the klingon female and her consort to the U.S.S. Peacekeeper, the ship that is to replace them. The Captain, Charles Werner, has requested R & R for his crew. He has assured me he will be patroling this area and will be visiting here frequently.

I have been on this station too long and must return to the surface of the planet. I have left many things unattended to deal with the federation. I have left my son to take over here. Lady K'kor has been handling my duties, Dup ChamwI', as well as her own. Dup ChamwI' is away on a special assignment, so many of our best are away on special assignments.

The 5th farm on the Northern Continent wil be ready by the time the planting season arrives. We also have 2 new herds of Ha'DIbaH, and the newly planted orchards are adapting well. Our "special projects" are producing many useful things. We are, after all, inventors. Many of these will be used to discover who the traitor is and bring him before the High Council.

This Family is large, deverse, and extremely loyal. We have taken our Honor back in our own eyes and I expect no less of them than their best and I must give them my best as well. We will survive this dark time in our history and our decendents will be proud to say that they belong to the House of K'kor!


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