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Strthmore Colony
The Governor's Statement
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Now that the Colony is doing well and expanding it is time to expand out to other star systems in this sector. There are no other planets in this system that can support farming or herds so we will have to explore our neighboring systems for suitable planets. Qaw' Hoch suti-Let has established Outpost Hesperia on a planet in a nearby system. It is a desolate planet, but it can support life. From there he will explore the other planets for one suitable to our needs. I will be sending out others to establish outposts. I am aware of other rebel Klingons in the "Triangle" and hope to make contact with them.

Our hope is they will link their outposts with ours, becoming a force to be reckoned with by the Empire. It is not our desire to overturn the High Council but to force them to see the rot within.

I still do not understand what is happening at Site B but Lady K'kor does and is attempting to establish contact with some of the Empires best archaeologist. It is her belief that if what has been found is not a hoax, then this could be the most important find in the history of the Klingon Empire.

We are currently in negotiation with a Romulan ship to end the raids on this colony. The Captain, a female, seems to be as fierce a warrior as I have encountered. I believe we can strike a bargain that will be beneficial to us both.


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