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Strthmore Colony
The Governor's Statement
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The New Dis promises more expansion of the colony. We have opened and now have operational the 4th farm on the Northern Continent and it has produced its first harvest. We have cleared the site for the 5th farm and it is being prepared at this time.

The Collection Center has been expanded as well and we have many new family members due to the unrest in the Empire. (The traitor must be found!) Of course they have been throughly checked by Security to make sure we have no traitors or terriorist. The concept of a terrorist is one that is hard for me as it has NO Honor.

Our new defense weapon is now operational. By utilizing the monorail system, which transfers the crops to the Collection Center, our scientist have created a large scale disruptor that is capable of destroying any attacker. The monorails themselves carry the energy that can be deployed from any place on the planet. We are no longer vulnerable to pirate and Romulan attacks, although I will miss the hand to hand combat.

Our new Communication Center, under the name of " Chat Center ", is operational as well. Anyone who wishes may add their communication center to the list. Check the Chat Center to make sure that you send all of your information.

The Depot has been up and running for all those who wish to buy, sell or trade. Check it frequently for new additions and to add your own inventory, go to the Depot and submit your form to Dup chamwI'.

On a personal note, we here at Strathmore Colony wish to Honor a warrior who has passed on to Stovo Kor. Commodore Don Haven , Commander of Alpha Sector, Region 4. He was a personal friend and worked hard for the Federation/Klingon Peace Accord as well as for the advancement of the Federation. He lived his life with HONOR, he fought with VALOR, and died a WARRIOR on Federation star date 9801.05. His be'nal Mary will be Honored as his heir and will be welcome, always, at Strathmore Colony. We have dedicated the new "Chat Center" in his Honor.


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