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Strthmore Colony
The Governor's Statement
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As I have stated, our House was betrayed. But we are not without allies, many of whom are working on our behalf at this moment. The klingon who would do this has been traced to the High Council itself. Chancellor Gowron has a traitor near him. This traitor is very careful since he seems to lack honor. Our allies have been unable to discover his identity, so they watch and wait. Klingon are not patient but it is something we will have to learn if the traitor is to be revealed. They have done well to track him to the High Council.

Here, other "projects" are begining to bear fruit. Soon we will be able to defend ourselves with a weapon of great power. It is good to feel that we are accomplishing something. Providing food to the Empire is honorable but to be able to do the thing that we do best is a step on the way back to our place in the Empire.

Chancellor Gowron has a traitor near him.

Lady K'kor has been at the new archaeological dig on an island near the equator. I sent her when the team reported the site was unusual. There now seems to be many problems.

The Federation has assigned to us a Liaison Officer. It is the captain of a Federation ship. I am told by the Federation that if I were to need assistance this ship would be available, "due to our being located nearer to Federation space than to Klingon space". I am aware that Kirk set this precedent when he assisted the colony at QI'tu' but we are capable of defending ourselves and crushing any who come against us. This ship,

The U. S. S. Sierra
and Capt. Bill West, are in route. Their Klingon Science Officer, Qut Duj be' , has been here for some time. Lady K'kor will be back by then to deal with them.


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