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Only authorized Klingons are allowed on the surface of the planet.

Strthmore Colony
The Governor's Statement
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The K'kor Family line goes back to the time before Kahless. Our beginings are on the Southern Islands of Qo'noS. The island of SuD qut to be precise. It is one of the larger islands in the group and the closest to the main continent. We were a peaceful people at that time. We worked well together, we had few visitors from the mainland or the other islands. We seemed to have a knack for making machines that made all of our work more efficient, we wanted for little.

One day a large group of ships sailed into our harbor. Their leader Kahless, had heard of our ability to create machines and wanted us to join with him and his followers in his war against Molor the Tyrant.

As I have stated, We were a peaceful people with little contact with the rest of the planet. We told him we did not wish to join him. Kahless took the head of our family and his council to his ship and showed them what Molor had done and what he was planing to do. Even the Southern Islands would not be safe from the Tyrant. We then joined Kahless.


We invented many weapons, helped his ships to be faster and more maneuverable, and many other inventions to help him. In time, Kahless defeated Molor and united the planet. Our family has served the Emperors through out the history of Qo'noS, and have brought many inventions to the Empire. We discovered that the green crystals for which our island had been named could be used to conduct anti-matter. Many other species have also made the discovery of Dilithium Crystals. Our spacefaring ships, our transporters, and even the tractor beam receive power in this manner.

Eventually we gained a seat on the High Council itself. We have always served loyally. That was until we betrayed. Accusations were leveled at us. False evidence was planted. Our House was ousted from the council in disgrace. We left Qo'noS for the "triangle". Here we have set up our colony where the Federation had once a colony a human century ago. From here we will regain our honor. From here we will find our enemy and we will expose them for the traitors they are. Until that time, we will continue to be loyal to the KLINGON EMPIRE!


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