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Strthmore Colony
Awards Page #2
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u win hands you go, u are Destined for Immortality.
GraphX Kingdom Webmaster

Received on Jan.8 1998

Sy the dragon has visited your site and ranked it as a weekly top ten site.

You Win
The Eternity Award.

Received on Nov.23 1997

The Eternity Award

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CONGRATULATIONS !!! You've just won the "Night-Prowler Award". You've earned the award and the admiration of all those that views your site.
I've really enjoyed your Star Trek Site.

Received on Nov.25 1997

We are proud to have the SilverSurfer on such a page as yours...It not only reflects your taste...But also ours..We thankyou....
Congrats on a *GOLD*...You are the best....ShadowRun
You Win the
Silver Surfer Gold Award.

Received on Nov.23 1997

Silver Surfer Gold Award

dragon weyr award
Congratulations! We have reviewed your site and awarded you with the distinctive
Dragon Weyr Award!

Received on Nov.22 1997

The Dragon Weyr Award has been graphically
enhanced by Ricahrd Fink IV. Concept and design by Dragon Weyr

This was truely a fun site for me to view. Getting in was somewhat of a challenge..but over all well worth my visit.
Strathmore Colony.
You Win
VEY'S AWARD For Excellence.

Received on Nov.21 1997
Vey Award

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Congratulations.....Your web site, has been selected to receive the ECLIPSE BEST SITE award ! Outstanding layout, color balance, navigation and graphics ! Interesting story line included with your site !
One of the BEST Trek sites we've seen !
Received on Nov.17 1997

Contratulations! You have been elected
as one of the very few
Your page was thoroughly examined and found to meet all the qualifications! It was quite original and enjoyable as well!
Received on Nov.15 1997
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