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Strthmore Colony
Awards Page #1
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So Far 28 AWARDS have been
bestowed upon Strathmore Colony.
We are truly HONORED.


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Congratulations , Strathmore Colony, Your Web Site has just won the " Locutus' Assimilation Borg Award ! "

Received on Jan. 31 1998

Strathmore Colony
The consensus of the council was that your site was more than deserving of The Spirit AWARD.

Received on Jan. 16, 1998
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Your Web site, Strathmore Colony, A Klingon Outpost, is being recognized with the Angel Swan Award for Star Trek Excellence from
"Angel Swan's Worlds of Star Trek"

Received on Jan. 10 1998

Received on

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This one is proud to inform you that we of the " Imperial Klingon Navy " have chosen your Colony as one of our Honor Sites.

Received on Nov.17 1997

This is K'oopy, creator of Klingons of the Web. This award is given only to selected sites for originality, content and a well designed page. As I started looking through the web ring pages, I got to Strathmore Colony, and felt that you deserved this award.

Received on Nov.13 1997
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Strathmore Colony!

You have been chosen to win "The Captain's Yacht Star Trek Site of the Week" award.

Received on Nov.9 1997

Strathmore Colony !
You've won Aida's
STAR TREK Leadership Site AWARD
And a place on the Winners Page.

Received on Oct.11 1997

Received on Oct.3 1997
Congratulations Strathmore Colony on your new Site.
We are thrilled to be the first to present you with our