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THE GOVERNOR'S 1st. Science Report

About 1 standard year ago . . . . . . . . Hergh loD . . . was made Governor of a small agricultural planet in the triangle near the neutral zones of the Federation and the Romulan Empire. The name of this planet was Strathmore Colony when it was part of Federation space.

This planet was taken over by the Klingon Empire to provide large amounts of food necessary for the expanding Empire.

The Klingon Empire continue to use this name but it is now a Klingon Outpost as the Governor oversees the entire operation. Lady K'kor is the second in command and handles Kommunications, accounting, harvest records and shipment transports.

The Colony provides several types of grain, an assortmant of vegetables and large herds of Ha'DIbaH (animals). There are also vast orchards of naHSormey (fruit trees), always a favorite with Klingons.

Strathmore Colony is a very old planet and has had no volcanic or quake activity for thousands of years. The topography is low rolling hills with vast flatlands of excellent soil. It has large but shallow seas. It is orbited by 1 small moon but the tides are minimal. Rotation is 32 earth hours. It has 2 main continents. The southern continent currently has 5 large farms and the northern has 3 with hopes to add a 4th. soon. About 65% of the available land is in ciltivation or supporting herds at this time.

The Governor and Lady K'kor move between farms during the growing season on each continent and have about 20 days between the end of one growing season and the beginning of the one on the next continent. Each farm has, as the main residence, a large sprawling brick building with many windows to the let in the breeze during the summer and many fireplaces to warm the house in the winter. There is a large common room with alcoves for offices and at the back are individual sleeping rooms a large kitchen to prepare meals for all who work and live here. Each farm has a foreman and staff.

The one small moon is the location of the Spaceport. From here the produce is shipped to the Empire. It is quite comfortable for Klingons. The Spaceport has accommodations, a small tavern and a depot where one may trade, sell or buy items.

From here you must navigate through the space mines to get to the spaceport. There is a very small symbol you must click on to go to the Welcome page and from there you must find the hidden worm-hole " in the stars " to finally arrive. Good Luck, Human!

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