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The Qapla' Award
Qapla' Award

YOUR SITE NAME HERE, we have visited your site and find it worthy of our award.

Awarded on Stardate 9800.00

"Apply for the Qapla' Award" .

However you came to this site via the Webrings or
through another site, you may apply for the Qapla',
and can proudly display it as a link to Strathmore Colony.

Please E-Mail us your,
Name: (or Site Name)
E-Mail address:
URL address:

After you have received and put the Qapla' Award on your site,
we will then add your site to.....


#1. The Captain's Yacht On November 2, 1997 E-Mail
#2. The Klingon House of Qu'noH On November 4, 1997 E-Mail
#3. K.P.V. Dragonstorm On November 18, 1997 E-Mail
#4. I.K.V. Hand of Kahless On November 18, 1997 E-Mail
#5. I.K.V. Shadow Runner On December 8, 1997 E-Mail
#6. DEATHBLUD'S On December 27, 1997 E-Mail