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Dear Fans,

This letter is in response to the numerous questions and concerns regarding the letter Paramount Pictures and Viacom issued out to the Webmasters. The letter was intended to express their concerns for Star Trek copyrights and properties being illegally sold over the Internet not to shut down the Webmasters that are not abusing their copyrights.

I spoke with the parties responsible, as I was concerned about the fans that were not in violation of any copyright laws to have the ability to persue Internet Star Trek activities. Their response to me was that they were preparing a 2nd letter to the Webmasters describing what would be considered a copyright infringement and what would not. Basically they said that, "This was to stop the individuals who are selling ads or collecting fees, selling illegal merchandise, or posting copyrighted materials on their sites to refrain from these specific activities."

I support fan based web-sites. Contractually Paramount cannot authorize the use of any Star Trek insignia but if you use it with discretion, I feel sure that they will ignore you. If you are doing something you are not supposed to Paramount will be all over you.

Peace & Love,
Majel Barrett Roddenberry